TruVision Reviews

Tru has completely changed my life and how I function. I went from struggling daily with chronic pain and migraines and taking narcotics and muscle relaxers daily just to function to rarely needing them. I am pregnant and for the second time I am taking Tru while pregnant and it has been played by my OB, it has made a world of difference in how I feel and am able to function as a nurse and as a mother! Thank you Tru!

Spring Heather Freeman

Well I have to say its does what it says it will do!! I have been on trufix and trucontrol for a month now without changing really anything I have been doing have lost 10 lbs. I eat but its like I do not want as much and I am satisfied. So now I will begin my exercise and walking to enhance the weight lost more. I am on high blood pressure medicine so I am working to get off it for good!! I am a person who is very sensitive to things I take. But his has not effective me at all. Only thing I do recommend is to eat within 30 minutes of taking that is my only thing cause I do have a sensitive stomach. And water, water, water!!

Deborah King

By far best product I have ever used in my life! Customer service has been absolutely great every time needed!

Erin Hager

Great company and great people who really care about helping others! Great value as well! Keep up the great work!

Eric Faes

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